Tree Removal

The process

We rip the trees out of your lawn with our bare hands

Yes we do pull the trees by hand to ensure the best root ball and handling of the plant. Big Cedar Guy prides it self on top quality tree work of all kinds. Everyone on our team has a lifetime of tree removal experience of all kinds. We serve most regions in Ontario. Our team does residential and commercial. Not only do we remove but we can re-landscape your terrain to a beautiful finish. We work directly with all nurseries in Ontario and get the best quality trees and shrubs.

Tree removal must be done with the utmost safety in mind. Planning, knowhow and the right gear and approach is key. Going with a company with less experience can cost you in the long run.

We keep our overheads low and pass that on to the customer without lowered the delivered service.

Call us now and let's go over your needs.

Different Situations

All situations are unique

Large trees

Medium trees

Drop sections to avoid structures, fences and objects

Minimal impact






Rope or bucket

Avoid your gardens

Avoid neighbor liability

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